Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

happy birthday wishes for husband

Your life partner is one of the most important persons in your life and you feel a deep connection with him/her. Especially women, who are much, dedicated to their life partners.

A girl leaves everything for her husband, and whole life does many sacrifices regarding her duties and responsibilities, so if you will choose the right occasion for surprising your husband then you can become the lovely wife for your partner.

A birthday is an appropriate time to wish your loved one, don’t miss the chance, here we are going to introduce you some happy birthday wishes for your husband, let’s take a closer look of that:-

  • Today I wish for your long and healthy life my sweetheart you always stay with me with love and affection and nobody can dare to harm our love. Happy Birthday, my sweet hubby.
  • Many-many happy returns of the baby, I am so thankful to your mother that she gave me the beautiful and adorable gift, and that is you, and you know one thing, I love you so much.
  • Birthdays are so special because it is the huge opportunity to express your feelings, and today on your birthday I want to say that I always love you as you are, and never going to leave you alone, whatever the situation will be.
  • My every morning starts with you and the whole day I do wait for you, so we can talk and share things. These small things make our bond stronger, please always share everything like this, and never avoid me.
  • Happy birthday, darling. Today is the special day both of us, I have nothing much to give you, but I can only give you my love, trust, dedication and of course lots of delicious food, as a birthday gift. Hope you will go to like these whole things.
  • My sweet hubby, you have always supported me in worst situations and guided me for well. I am so lucky that I get a life partner like you. You are really a nice guy, thank you so much and happy birthday sweetheart.
  • We have faced many problems together and spend many special moments together, without you I am empty and incomplete, so today on your birthday I want you to do a promise with me that you always be with me and care for me like you do always.
  • I can’t believe that the whole year got spend with you and today is your birthday, please God never give any grief or stress to my love because he is so fragile from inside.
  • You are one of the caring and loving husband of this world as well as a nice personality and handsome as well. I am so much curious about your birthday celebration today, happy birthday my smart hubby.
  • I always try to please you in different ways, today is your day, tell me how can I do please you, you are everything for me my love, and wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.

Happy Mother’s Day Quotes

happy mothers day

A mother has the greatest place in all the relations and said to be the top priority for everybody. Being a mother is never an easy task; a mother is a caretaker and a protector of her child. No one can even take or reverse the place of a mother for a child.

A mother is one of the precious gifts of God, which he has given to children because he always can’t be there for care or love. A mother keeps her child in her womb for nine months then whole life she plays a vital role for her children, she forgets herself totally for her child.

Nobody can have the guts and courage, which automatically comes in a female, when she becomes a mother. On Mother’s day, do special wishes to your lovely mother and express your feelings and love towards your mother. Let’s take a closer look of some lovely and happy quotes for Mother’s day:-

  • Mamma, you are so special for me, I can’t tell you that how much I love you. I tease you sometimes and make you angry sometimes, please avoid my silly mistakes mom. Happy Mother’s day to you.
  • Happy Mother’s day my sweet mummy, you are one of the perfect mummy of this world, I am nothing without you, and can’t imagine my life without you mom.
  • You are so beautiful mom, I don’ t remember the day when I opened my eyes in your arms but I know that, that time was so much precious for you and so as you are so much precious for me. Happy Mother’s day to you my mom, I love you so much.
  • Father and Mother both are important for us, but mom you are so soft by heart and always inspire us by your sweet behavior; you are adorable and lovely mamma of this world. Happy mother’s day to you.

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  • Today is Mother’s day mom, but I always salute your efforts for us, you never care your health and desires and do so many things for our comfort. I am not a poet mom, you know this but I must say that you are like a God and an angel for us, a millions of thanks to you dear mummy, and happy mother’s day.
  • You are a good friend of mine mummy, and always understand my troubles; I never feel the lack of friends because I see you by my side as a good friend and a protector.
  • Today is a special occasion mom, and it’s the mother’s day, do not enter in the kitchen because I will cook today mom, and do all the chores. Take some rest or go for shopping, happy mother’s day to my lovely mom.
  • Mother you are so special person of my life, I haven’t seen the God, but I am damn sure that he will look like you. Happy mother’s day to the prettiest and lovely woman of my life and that is my mother.

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