Happy Mother’s Day Quotes

A mother has the greatest place in all the relations and said to be the top priority for everybody. Being a mother is never an easy task; a mother is a caretaker and a protector of her child. No one can even take or reverse the place of a mother for a child.

A mother is one of the precious gifts of God, which he has given to children because he always can’t be there for care or love. A mother keeps her child in her womb for nine months then whole life she plays a vital role for her children, she forgets herself totally for her child.

Nobody can have the guts and courage, which automatically comes in a female, when she becomes a mother. On Mother’s day, do special wishes to your lovely mother and express your feelings and love towards your mother. Let’s take a closer look of some lovely and happy quotes for Mother’s day:-

  • Mamma, you are so special for me, I can’t tell you that how much I love you. I tease you sometimes and make you angry sometimes, please avoid my silly mistakes mom. Happy Mother’s day to you.
  • Happy Mother’s day my sweet mummy, you are one of the perfect mummy of this world, I am nothing without you, and can’t imagine my life without you mom.
  • You are so beautiful mom, I don’ t remember the day when I opened my eyes in your arms but I know that, that time was so much precious for you and so as you are so much precious for me. Happy Mother’s day to you my mom, I love you so much.
  • Father and Mother both are important for us, but mom you are so soft by heart and always inspire us by your sweet behavior; you are adorable and lovely mamma of this world. Happy mother’s day to you.

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  • Today is Mother’s day mom, but I always salute your efforts for us, you never care your health and desires and do so many things for our comfort. I am not a poet mom, you know this but I must say that you are like a God and an angel for us, a millions of thanks to you dear mummy, and happy mother’s day.
  • You are a good friend of mine mummy, and always understand my troubles; I never feel the lack of friends because I see you by my side as a good friend and a protector.
  • Today is a special occasion mom, and it’s the mother’s day, do not enter in the kitchen because I will cook today mom, and do all the chores. Take some rest or go for shopping, happy mother’s day to my lovely mom.
  • Mother you are so special person of my life, I haven’t seen the God, but I am damn sure that he will look like you. Happy mother’s day to the prettiest and lovely woman of my life and that is my mother.

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