The fastest Firefox of all: Firefox 67 now available for Windows, Linux and Mac

The fastest Firefox of all: Firefox 67 now available for Windows, Linux and Mac

Since the developers of Mozilla launched the much anticipated Firefox Quantum in 2017, the open source company has been working continuously to improve the overall performance and security measures implemented in the web browser. The latest version of Firefox 67 is not a deviation and developers promise great performance gains for users.

Before jumping to the details of the last release, I would also like to mention efforts like Firefox Send and Firefox Lockbox that were launched in recent months to improve the overall browsing experience.

Firefox 67 is all about speed

To make sure that Firefox 67 is loaded with considerable improvements in performance, Mozilla prioritized the tasks in its performance management list and made sure that urgent changes that would help the browser to perform tasks at the optimal moment are executed first.

In the same vein, the developers worked to ensure that web pages are “painted” faster and that Amazon scripts, Google search, and Instagram are uploaded 40-80% faster. For example, Firefox 67 now does not load the necessary modules to autocomplete until it finds a real form on the web page.

To avoid the problem of using tons of RAM, Firefox now detects if your computer has low RAM (less than 400 MB) and then suspends unused tags. If you want to reopen them, you can simply reload with a single click. There are tons of third-party extensions doing this work, but it’s good that Firefox offers similar functionality with the latest version to make sure you do not get frustrated with low performance after opening hundreds of tabs.

The third major performance improvement ensures that the performance of your browser is not hampered by heavy customizations such as third-party thematic or the use of many extensions. However, I advise you to avoid unnecessary customizations for a comparatively better browsing experience.

What about security?

Continuing with improvements made in the past and testing on beta channels, Firefox 67 now comes with a direct option to enable the option to protect against practices such as browser fingerprint detection and encryption. Keep in mind that blocking custom content comes with many more options that can affect some sites. Therefore, use options such as blocking the crawlers and cookies intelligently.

For convenience, Firefox 67 now lets you choose to save passwords in private browsing. In addition, you can now choose to enable/disable extensions in private browsing. Personally, I recommend that you use this feature only for the extensions you trust completely since you will have access to your browsing activities while browsing privately.

Firefox 67 for Windows, Mac, Linux

You can download the latest version of Firefox 67 by visiting its download page. It is available for all major platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. If you are already using Firefox on your computer, you can search for an update and avoid the hassle of manually installing the newer version.

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