Ways to tackle issues in Friendship

Ways to tackle issues in Friendship

The way of debate is very bad in our country. The conversation starts from a subject, but in the end I get the question of you. Therefore, there should be a discussion on protecting each other’s respect with respect, humility and mutual respect. Personal discussion should not be dragged into debate. In the midst of a rude, futile, furious, bitter, personal debate among friends, it should never happen, because as a weapon, Bitter words is also a weapon, in which friend’s heart is injured and friendship breaks.

It should be done to try that friend does not suspect that I have been friendlier for doing unfair means. The difference between friendships and shopkeepers is that shopkeepers and customers take the price of things first, the friend tends to deduct that price from the heart and after paying the deal, they pay the price in some form or other. Friend wishes to become customer of self-interest, if he is made the means of selfishness, then the same behavior becomes apprehensive.

Friendly material, friendships that help in worldly selfishness of material goods are grossly friendly. It is unstable and variable just like gross objects. But friendship of which friendship is exchange of heart-felt emotions, it is subtle and giving real happiness to two hearts is everlasting. It is the friend’s essential duty to take part in the mood of misery, to redress the charges and excuses. Many times man falls into any of the charges, anxiety, in that state, he is not aware that I am suffering from a kind of mental fever at this time. In that gloomy state, often bad-looking thoughts come into the mind and in that state the work also does the same. In this situation, a true friend is the master who can touch the heart of the friend and bring him the real situation and bring him to the level of mental health.

Every man has weaknesses, errors are found in his character. There are some hidden things. The principles that he directly supports, work in the examination form in a reverse-sideways manner. Such kind of secret things are in relation to some or every other person. If he is revealed to the public, then the prestige of that person is destroyed and society is disgraced as a character of hatred. If he is secretly hiding those secret things in his mind, then in psychology it will have a great effect on his health. He may be a victim of perpetual disease such as canker, fistula, leprosy, piles, rituals, asthma or may be prone to mental illness such as destruction of memory, irritability, insomnia, heart beat, nightmare.

In the medical system of psychiatry teachers, the paramount requirement of ‘mental laxity’ has been described. They say that the importance of stomach laxatives, indigenous laxatives, laxative blood loss etc. is much more important than the laxatives. If the patient or the unhealthy person exposes the true-true situation of all the sins, defects, evils, thieves, misdeeds of his life, and does not keep any matter hidden, his mind becomes very light and physically And there is so much help in getting rid of mental distress, which cannot compete with precious precious resources of the world.

A man can call his evils, weaknesses and mistakes in front of a true friend. He can hear them without hatred and keep secret. In this way, keeping a secret of weaknesses and evils, which is a very harmful burden on the mind of man, it is left unintentionally by listening to a trusted partner. True friends who lighten the load of mind by listening and listening to each other’s secret things are really useful to each other for life. The friend can tell the actual circumstances of the mistakes in which they have forgotten knowing their real cause.


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